Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Hunt for Red November

Before anyone reads this I am going to warn you that it's about lipstick. So, if you don't care about lipstick then move along because that is what this post is exclusively about.

I get more questions about my lipstick from people on the street than anything else- particularly when I have red glitter lips. So I'm doing a blog post about it.

One of the most important accouterments in a Burlesque dancers bag of tricks is a great lipstick! I am partial to red but many dancers use an array of pinks and peaches.

Speaking of red lipstick, I have been in hot pursuit of enriching my red lipstick collection. Originally, I started with a Benefit Red lipstick (which gets EVERYWHERE!). Then I upped the ante with a purchase at MAC of Russian Red. Though I find Russian Red to be a fabulous red I wanted something less drying and a little deeper... Lo and Behold! I found a great one by Makeup Forever... Moulin Rouge. It is the most fabulous red! A little deeper than the Russian Red and a better texture I think.

There is another statement I would like to make- quickly- some of my friends have expressed to me their desire to try a red lipstick, but they don't want to spend a lot of money on a lipstick that they may not like/wear. I have the solution, NYC Color's Retro Red, also an emergency red lipstick that's cheap and found at any Duane Reade, and it's $0.99. Can't beat that! Great texture, very true red (tends a little toward the bright side, but a berry lip-gloss will balance it if you need that), and a great lipstick to use for transfer into a vintage tube for first timers- which I just did and highly recommend. Nothing makes you feel sexier than a beautiful lipstick tube, ha ha ha!

So, now I have six red lipsticks: British Red Coat (which is ugly on my and I don't recommend it), Benefit's Red (they don't even make this anymore, but it got everywhere), NYC Color Ruby (kind of a weird hot pink/red shimmer), NYC Color Retro Red (which I really like!), MAC's Russian Red, and Makeup Forever's Moulin Rouge. But I always have room for one more...

**Please feel free to comment or add your input- I love to hear about other people's makeup collections.

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  1. So I really tried to be with ya here. I mean I read it to the end cause thats what friends do, and I completely understand the need for proper pout paint, obviously not into it. BUT I am thrilled to see you writing and networking and embracing your career so fully. So GO YOU!

    See, I'm a reader. I follow