Monday, June 20, 2011

Mermaid Parade Photos

Every year Coney Island holds the Annual Mermaid Day Parade and these are my pictures (and some I snagged from the web- credited OF COURSE). Enjoy!  Feel free to scan through Flickr as well as google to see even more CRAZY photos from this magical adventure.

Here I am before leaving the house in my mermaid gear (with my swimsuit top so as not to spoil the surprise... and riding the Q train topless does not sound appealing)

My friend Molly allowing me to photograph her in the subway- I think a mermaid in the subway is hilarious.

Dottie Dynamo and Lucille Ti Amore who also marched with us

A group of French Mermaids that marched ahead of us


NYC has awsome law about women being topless... oh yeah!

Here are Molly and I during our march on the Parade Route which stretches from 21st Street to the Cyclone all the way down Surf Ave in Coney Island and down the main stretch of the boardwalk (treacherous in heels!)

These are just some more shots from the Route! I have never seen this many sea creatures outside of an aquarium.  Please, please, please google the crap out of this! 

I took this pic bc I like the tail fabric

I know you are all wondering if Mermaid's need sunscreen- this one is wearing SPF 30 so that her nipples don't fry
A short sidenote here... because of my costume I received a disgusted look from a woman covering her children's eye... so I jiggled them at her- and for the duration of the parade that was my response to any haters... which immediately made them all laugh (with the exception of the first woman) and cheer.  Bahahahaha! This is clearly an adult parade...

These are shots of Surf Ave from the Q train, which is elevated at Coney Island.  These pictures are post Mermaid Parade shots of Deno's Wonder Wheel, a landmark ride on Coney Island dating back to 1920. Deno's Wonder Wheel has only ever stopped once- during the July 13,1977 blackouts- where riders were brought down from the top by the owner, who had to hand-cranked them down. Full size replicas appear at Disney's California Adventure (why, is BEYOND me) and there is also one in Yokahama, Japan. 

These shots are the final farewell to Coney Island.  The Cyclone opened at Coney Island on June 26, 1927 and cost $0.25 to ride (now it's $10.00 with a $5.00 reride booster ticket- 2 years ago when I rode it last) it was declared a New York City Landmark in 1988 and a National Landmark in 1991.  It tops out at 60mph and is the most replicated compact wooden coaster in the world.

So, I hope all of you enjoy this fun post that has a little to do with burlesque... I am a Burlesque dancer and I was in it.. ergo it has to do with burlesque. :)

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  1. You look -amazing- and this looks like it was so much fun! Maybe next year we can do it together!